Best Female Squash Player Ever

Best female squash player ever The sport played between two people, in a four walled court fascinates most of us. Yes, you guessed it right! ​Squash​ is the name. Men like Ramy Ashour, Gregory Gaultier, Nick Matthew, Mohamed El Shorbagy, James Willstrop and many more, have touched the skies in the same. As we say women are no more behind men, hence let’s explore about the best female squash players the world has ever had.

Some of the best female squash players ever are Nicol David, Heather McKay, Sarah Fitz-Gerald, Raneem El Weleily and Rachael Grinham. Other big female player names are Laura Massaro, Nour El Sherbini, Liz Irving, Michelle Martin, Camille Serme, Lisa Opie among many other female players.

Nicol David

Also known as Duracell bunny, Nicol is the female star in the world of Squash. She is a remarkable malaysian Squash player who has won various titles in junior years, Asian games, commonwealth games, malaysian games, scottish games and infinite number of tournaments. She has overall won 81 titles out of 101 tournaments played. She was ranked NO. 1 squash player in 2006 and currently stands at NO.9. she really look forward to bag many more titles.


Heather McKay

Though retired, Heather Pamela McKay is one of the best female squash players that Australia gave to the world. She has also been an extraordinary hockey and a racquetball player. The super squash lady has won 15 executive british open after 1962, which is a record in itself. She very well dominated the world of squash in 1960s and 70s before she could retire in 1979.


Sarah Fitz-Gerald

Another Australian squash star. She too retired in 2003 after being ranked as the NO.1 in 1996. She has won in total seven world team championships in Squash. She has represented Australia in Women’s world team squash championships, Commonwealth games and many others. Her contribution towards this four wall courted sport has been noteworthy. She has bagged lots of golds and silver for Australia.


Raneem El Weleily

This professional Arabic women squash player was ranked the No.1 in 2015. Raneem El Weleily has won a total of 15 titles out of 24 tournaments played. She won her first senior tournament recognition in 2009. She lost to Nicol David in 2014, which made her lose her squash’s biggest crown. Then Again 2015, she outstriped David to grab the No.1 position. Her journey to become NO. 1 squash player has been quite challenging, but somehow her dedication helped her reach the same.


Rachael Grinham

Well we need to accept Australia has made a big contribution in the world of Squash. Again Rachael Grinham, the exemplary Australian women squash player who held the world’s first rank in 2004, which she held for consecutive 16 months. Also, her sister Natalie Grinham is a Squash star. She played doubles with Natalie in 2002 commonwealth games. And, the sister duo won that too. The sister duo is all set to win hearts.

Rachael Grinham

There are many other women like Laura Massaro, Nour El Sherbini, Liz Irving, Michelle martin, Camille serme, Lisa Opie and many more, who have made their names in the world of squash. Women have come a way too long in the world of sports and, these women are inevitable proof of it.