What to Consider When Choosing a Squash Racquet?

There are a number of factors you will need to keep in account while choosing to buy a Squash racket for yourself. Squash rackets are available in different categories in the market. At first, you should know the types of rackets available in the market.

When choosing and purchasing a new squash racquet, you should consider the type of the racquet (if it is open or closed), if the racquet is balanced, the weight of the racquet, racquet strings, the grip of the racquet, and the price of the squash racquet, effecting if it would a low-end or a more quality one.

Types of Rackets

Open (also known as teardrop): These rackets have larger string area suitable for junior players. It gives more power but less control while hitting shots.

Closed (also known as bridge racket): These rackets have a smaller string area suitable for skilled players to hit good quality shots. It gives more control with less power while playing.


Factors While Choosing a Squash Racket


Rackets can be head-light, head-heavy or balanced but it depends on you which one you are most comfortable playing with. A head-light racket is suitable for speedy shots while a head-heavy racket helps in more power shots. You may also try playing with all three rackets to decide which one is more compatible with your personal or professional needs.


The weight is an important factor to consider while choosing a racket as it can affect the quality of your game. The weight of the racket varies from 90 grams to maximum 190 grams with 130 grams to 150 grams being in common use. A light squash racket is often preferred by new and passionate players who need to move the racket in different directions more rapidly and with greater power. Contrary to it, the heavyweight rackets provide more control to the player and hence are suitable for the professional players. You may try with different weighted rackets to get a better idea of what works for you best.


There is a lot more to understand when it is the time to know the strings quality. Squash rackets have strings of different composition. You can get it changed which will affect your game in a positive way. Strings quality is dependent on the material used in making it, its texture and the tightness of the strings. When these all factors come into play collectively, it results in different arrangements. You can ask the expert advice if you are unsure about the kind of string arrangement you should select. Higher tension of the string helps in giving more control but less power so it is up to you as to which element you need the most. The higher quality strings are often thinner which increases its chances of getting damaged quickly.

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You must deem it important to replace the grip after regular intervals as it wears out with the passage of time. All Squash rackets come in standard grip size but you can get different grips in the market. Thick grips provide less control so it is not suitable for the professional players.


It is the first thought to buy a less expensive racket at the start but it is recommended that you should go for the best racket considering all the above factors in mind and then keeping your budget in mind. Don’t go for the low quality or cheap rackets only to end up buying a better one later. Decide according to the above-mentioned factors and then look for that racket in a required price range. Buying a good quality durable racket is way better than going for a low-quality racket in cheap rates.

We hope that the factors mentioned above will help you decide a better Squash racket to rock in the game of Squash. A smart decision with the right details gives ones the right results.