What is The Difference Between Squash and Racquetball?

Squash and Racquetball, these are the two sports most of us have heard about but is there any real difference between the two? Let’s find out if it is so. At a glance both squash and racquetball seem very similar, as both are indoor games played with almost racquets. So where is the difference between these two?

The dissimilarity lies in the playing methods of squash and racquetball, and in their court and equipment measurements. Racquetball applies a 55.88 cm long racquet, while squash uses a racket, up to 68.6 cm, with a narrower stringed racket surface. The court dimensions are also different between the two.

But once you watch a game or enter one’s court with the other racquet you’ll quickly understand there is nothing in common except the entry door to both the courts. Yes, that’s true squash and racquetball are two divergent sports.


Having a look into their history squash is an older game form and was invented by some English school kids around 1830. However some Americans in 1949 came up with racquetball. Also the playing equipments are also unlike in squash and racquetball. According to the people following racquetball, the sport is played with a 55.88cm long ‘racquet’ which has a tear-drop stringed area. On the other hand people playing squash claim to use a ‘racket’ which is traditionally around 68.6cm with a narrower stringed area.

In addition to this, even the balls are non-identical. Racquetball has a more bouncy and bigger (in terms of diameter) ball than squash. For the details, squash has a 4cm ball and racquetball is played with a 6cm one. Despite these points, both the games are played via hollow rubber balls. As squash was invented in England and racquetball in America, their court dimension also differ according to official parameters. Racquetball is played in a court measuring 20*40*20 feet and squash is played on 21*32*15 feet court.

Squash and Racquetball

Service styles are also specific for individual games. Just to give an idea, in squash the player in action has to stand in a box amidst the court and give service as in to shoot the ball in opposite quarter of the court. On the contrary, in racquetball one can give service from anywhere in the service box and just let the ball jerk. The only motive is to make the ball hit the court behind service area, but it must not hit the back wall before that.

The main aim of playing a game is to eventually win it someday. So, for winning any of these sports you need to score two points over your opponent. In squash the set goes from nine points (in regular game) to eleven points (in tournament matches). While racquetball goes to a maximum of fifteen points. But the uniqueness of racquetball lies in the fact that here scoring is done only via serving. Although squash follows trends of tennis, where scoring is done when any side of player gets higher points in a rally over the other one. Oh, I forgot to tell that you can’t let your ball bounce more than once in racquetball and it must smash the front wall before touching the floor. All in all today both these games are recognized as individual sports and are played with zeal in official tournaments.