Harrow Renegade Squash Racquet – Review

The Harrow Renegade is one of the heaviest squash rackets on this list at roughly 145 grams which means that it produces a greater force, but with a weaker swing. It has a head heavy balance that improves the control on the racket and increases the fluidity of each swing. The head heavy balance of this model makes it harder for the player to make quick volley and flick shots.

The Harrow Renegade Squash Racquet comes with an open throat or the teardrop throat, which ensures that it has a larger string-bed area and a bigger sweet spot. It is able to maximize its strength when it comes to the playability of the racket, but it becomes harder to control due to the increase in trampoline effect.

harrow renegade

The factory spring that comes with this model is either the Ashaway String Supernick XL Micro or the Harrow T200. However, since this model has a large string-bed area, the strings on this unit is less prone to breakage.


  • Racket has better control and fluidity of swings
  • Large string-bed area makes the string less prone to damage
  • Greater force and power due to its weight


  • Heavy weight of the model produces weaker swings
  • Slower volley and flick shots



The Renegade is a choice racket for several professional squash racket players, but it is not a great racket for first time players since they might have difficulty controlling this racket due to its weight. However, it is extremely durable and it produces extremely fluid swings.