Can/Should I Use My Tennis Shoes For Squash?

The answer is No. Squash is a very physical sport that requires speed and agility on the court. With this type of sport, a specific shoe is required in the court. If you do not have the right shoes you will be at a disadvantage as it will hinder your speed and it will make you uncomfortable playing. Your shoes should also have shock absorption for the long-running and responsiveness for the tight drives.

It is a must to have exclusive shoes for playing squash or if you want to have a multitasking shoe then a pair will do that is entirely of racquet sports to use indoor. You must remember that squash is a fast game. It requires you to make sharp turns, run and stop in quick phases. You need to have the best squash shoes to be on top of your game.

The Shoe Etiquette

If you are a squash player, you know this by heart. Though shall wear shoes that are clean and with non-staining soles. The shoes are not the same as the one you used to come to the court to play. In addition, you should never wear you squash shoes outdoors.

Remember your outdoor shoes is not an appropriate squash shoe since they are not clean. The reason behind this rule is dirty shoes can transfer the dirt to the floors. Over time, the accumulated dirt will make the court slippery, which will pose danger to the player.


These Shoes Are Not Made For Squash

Running shoes or the shoes you wear to the gym are not squash shoes. Your basketball shoes is not a squash shoe. Generally, shoes with black soles are also not squash shoes.

However, Shoes used for playing badminton or the shoes for racquetball is acceptable as a substitute the shoes for squash. Tennis shoes can never be a squash shoe although these games seem related.

The Sole of The Shoes

The most important part of the squash shoes that makes it different is the sole. Squash shoes have a combination of synthetic rubber and gum rubber. We cannot use pure rubber, which is blond in color and soft, as it will not support the shoes. Blending it with synthetics will make it squash appropriate, as it will be a good shock absorber.

If you are in a store and buying your first pair of squash shoes, make sure to touch the soles. If they are soft and sticky on floors then they are good for indoor courts.


Meeting The Perfect Pair

When you are buying a new pair of squash shoes make sure that it fits right. Not too tight and not too, lose. Squash is a very intense game. The least of your worry should be your shoes. You have to make sure that there is enough room for your toenails. The frequent banging of your toes to the insides of your shoes will make you lose your toenails. It should also make you ankle comfortably as squash requires many ankle movements.

If you this is, your first time to buy squash shoes our recommendation is to visit a specialty store. They will give advice on the best squash shoes.