Wilson K Factor K Tour Squash Racquet – Review

One of the cheapest squash racket on this list is the Wilson K Factor Tour Squash Racket since it costs less than a hundred dollars.

The Wilson K Factor K Tour Squash Racquet has a head size that measures 78 square inches and it has a head heavy balance. With this kind of balance, this racket is easier to control and is able to produce a more fluid swing. It also enables the player to generate more power as they play and it can also allow the player to play longer games.

This squash racket is on the lighter side as it only weighs 115 grams. This provides for easier maneuverability, but with lesser force. The Wilson K Factor Tour racket is made of the Karophite Black model which is a proprietary structure that is created through a unique process at the nanoscopic level resulting in a better feel and a stronger and more stable racket.

It has combined the Carbon Black from the original nCode racquets with graphite and SiO2 to create a denser and stronger racket matrix. Moreover, this model also has a connector which refers to the two wings molded on each side of the racket that is able to increase the dwell time of the ball when it hits the racket which provides improved control and comfort as well as a bigger sweet spot.


It is also comprised of a contour yoke that improves the stiffness of the racket to increase its stability. The compact center of this model is a shorter yoke design that is also designed to improve stability, but it also improves the maneuverability and handling of the racket. The K zone is a combination of power holes and power grooves technology designed to provide a more controlled power.


  • Head heavy balance makes it easy to control and produces fluid swings
  • Easy to maneuver due to its weight
  • Processed at nanoscopic level which results to a better feel and stability of the racket
  • K zone provide a more controlled power


  • Weaker force due to the racket being lightweight



The Wilson K Factor Tour Squash Racket is an innovation that deserves a second look as it is made from quality materials and an innovative process that results in a squash racket that provides greater power and control as you play.